The conversations between me and my younger brother.





WIN_20140810_154318 That is my younger standing up right brother “Martin”. Well, we’re thinking of how to be success in this upcoming 21st Century, and whiles he stands i begin to unveil some secrets, knowledge and proverbs that had been told to me by our ancestors, thus my Great Great Grandma sometimes says that: ” There is a Chinese proverb that says that if you fail to move a step further, you will be standing on one foot for the rest of your life”.

             So I the elderly son of our family moreover advices him direct face to face, where as he tells me his mind saying : ” I know there is something I want to do. Certainly, but I don’t know what is actually holding me back. Is it fear, inexperience or the lack of courage to take the bold step to market and sell  myself to myself first?” and he continues to say ” I know I waste time anytime I’m idle and it really draws me back but I have this strong conviction that I have something to offer. Then i tell him that ”  it’s just how to nurture and polish what I have. It is said that everyone has a pearl within, the problem is how to extract those pearls from their sources and make them glow so others will see what they actually had been unexploited”.

          Martin then says ” Whatever holds me back to draw out this pearl, it’s in my head. If you get to read this, understand that I have taken a chance even if it fails, and if it’s a success, understand that I took an opportunity because when I realized I could not figure out how I was going to  write this, I figured where and how I got here. I have realized I have said nothing much but I’m up down a hundred and eighty words. I know and believe and can do this as it is said, “believe and you can achieve”.

        And now due to the how time changes, I can testify that he’s now entering the Hip – Life music industry here in Ghana. Well big up to my brother and friend Martin a.k.a Nii Blinks…..


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